ABCO Labrotories - The Power Behind Bakuchiol Botanicals

ABCO Laboratories is the parent company, developer and manufacturer behind the brand Bakuchiol Botanicals.

Located near sunny Napa Valley, ABCO Laboratories and Bakuchiol Botanicals creates natural plant-derived skin care solutions and with this brand taking the step into the skincare industry.

Since 1964, ABCO has partnered with its customers to develop and manufacture custom products for the food and nutritional product industries. Our experience with foods, coupled with a history of producing quality nutritional, herbal supplements and personal care items makes us the perfect choice for both clients and for developing our own brands.

ABCO operates from a 200,000 sq. ft -- 100% Solar Powered -- facility in Fairfield, California.

This modern facility was designed specifically for our custom manufacturing operation and includes over 10,000 square feet of laboratory space dedicated to in-house analytical, microbiological, quality control and product development departments.  State of the art equipment such as high-speed encapsulation, compression and packaging equipment to advanced analytical equipment like an Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer (ICP) for metal analysis are routinely acquired and installed. ABCO takes great pride in having rigorous environmental standards. 

Accordingly, holds its' suppliers of ingredients and packaging to the same, high standards. ABCO only sources from suppliers who follow ethical, legal and responsible standards and only uses non-GMO ingredients and Cruelty free ingredients.

ABCO employ local labor and many employees have been with us for over 20 years. We offer full health care, time off and parent leave.

All of ABCO products are produced to very high standards and we maintain some of the highest graded scores including

USDA Registered Facility
FDA Approved Facility
SQF Food Safety Certification -  Audit Score 99 – Excellent
Certified Processor/Manufacturer of Organic Goods – QAI
Orthodox Union Kosher - OU Kosher
The Islamic Food and Nutrition Counsel of America

In addition, ABCO is also Licensed with the State of California Department of Public Health Food and Drug Branch for: 

Organic Processed Product Registration
Processed Food Registration
Drug Manufacturing License
Cannery License
Pet Food Production License

About Bakuchiol Botanicals

Bakuchiol Botanicals was born out of the desire to create plant-derived alternatives in skincare, harnessing natures’ natural solutions for better skin.  
Our ingredients are sourced from ethical, cruelty-free producers. We employ local labor and many employees have been with us for over 20 years. We offer full health care, time off and parent leave. Our facilities are 100% solar powered and we have rigorous environmental standards. Each batch is tested multiple times for purity.


Scott Reedy, General Manager

Hannah Schneider, Social Media and Collabs Manager

Hamed Malekan, Ph.D., Cheif Scientist and Formulator

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