Yes... We Sell Energy Back to PG&E! 100% Solar Powered

by Scott Reedy on October 16, 2020

In 2014 our Founder made a key decision.  It was time to get off the grid and become energy independent and energy neutral and so something good for the world.  The problem was that all the local companies were asking crazy, exorbitant prices for a simple operation.  $8 Million.  $12 Million.  Payback period was 20+ years. 

There has to be a better solution.

And there was.

We found Solar Panels in Mexico.  We purchased over 1000 panels. 

But then they had to be installed and working.

It was a puzzle. But not a puzzle we could not solve.  Time to get to work.

And get to work we did.  And now its 4 years later.  Not only have we paid off the original investment, we now "sell" energy back to PG&E. 

When wildfires raged in 2019 and power was shut down, we continued.  In fact, we probably helped local businesses stay open.

100% Solar Powered.  It feels good to give back just a bit.


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