Can You Cleanse & Tone at the Same Time?


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“The key to more success is a clean heart and a clean face” (Dj Khaled)

Let’s talk about the importance of cleansing and toning the skin at the same time; what are the benefits and what is the best product to use to take care of your skin?

Following a skincare routine is the key to success to obtain exceptional and long-lasting results.

What are the basic steps to carry out every day in the morning and in the evening to get excellent results?

The use of a cleanser and a toner! What’s better than a product that includes all the benefits of both?

Can you cleanse & Tone at the same time? The answer is absolutely YES!

BAKUCHIOL FACE CLEANSER & TONER, a fantastic 2 in 1 product, alcohol-free and plant derived, that will help reduce the size of pores, removes dead skin cells and brings back your skin’s natural pH. With its ultra-light texture, it will absorb in no time.

Let’s take a closer look at why cleansing your face with the right product is so important.


By cleansing, we are referring to a process that allows the removal of three types of impurities present on the skin:

⦁ Cosmetic and sweat residues (water-soluble).

⦁ Dirt produced by excess sebum, smog, and surface lipids (fat-soluble).

⦁ Dirt caused by dead cells produced by skin peeling (insoluble).

Properly cleansing the skin is essential to prevent the onset of problems and disorders that can worsen if a correct skincare routine is not followed.

Cleansing our face seems an obvious gesture, but many people make the mistake of not doing it correctly, which leads to a dull complexion, poor absorption of the active ingredients of treatments, imperfections, and acceleration of the appearance of wrinkles.

It’s important to thoroughly cleanse your skin every day, and using a cleanser/ toner combo accelerates the process and reduces the amount of products you will need (say hello to more counter space for other goodies).


⦁ Awaken the skin and start the day full of energy.

⦁ Eliminates dead cells and sebum deposited overnight.

⦁ Revitalizes the skin, preparing it to absorb moisturizing creams.


⦁ Returns brightness to the skin, after the aggression of dust, smog, and pollutants that are deposited throughout the day.

⦁ Removes makeup residues which, with impurities, form a thin film that leads to clogging of the pores causing a dull complexion and the accentuation of discoloration and wrinkles.

⦁ Deeply cleanses the skin to avoid inflammation, irritation, and other annoying ailments.

⦁ Helps the assimilation and enhancement of the active ingredients contained in treatments such as serums and night face creams.

Bakuchiol Facial Cleanser & Toner is a one-of-a-kind product formulated with natural ingredients such as Aloe, Witch Hazel, Rosehip, Vitamin B3, AHA’S (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids) and with a delicious lavender scent.

Using it is so simple! After cleansing with Bakuchiol Foaming Facial Cleanser and before applying the moisturizer, gently massage the product on the skin without rinsing, morning, and evening. All the active ingredients contained in the product will effectively penetrate the skin, leaving it soft, nourished and velvety.

Suitable for all skin types, it is an exceptional product that combines the benefits of the cleanser with those of the tonic, to guarantee fantastic results. Taking care of the skin by choosing natural and safe products is a gesture of love for ourselves and for the Planet Earth.  Make the right choice, by choosing Bakuchiol Botanicals.

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