Why Using a Face Serum Is So Important


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“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle”. (Erno Lazlo)

At Bakuchiol Botanicals, we care about your skin! Our products are perfect for taking care of you in a natural, ethical and cruelty-free way. Our products are the result of years of research, searching for the best active ingredients derived from plants. These ingredients replace potentially harmful ingredients in your skincare, such as the infamous Retinol.

But why is the use of face serum so important?

Many people use a face cream every day, but not everyone knows that the use of a serum is what makes the real difference! The serum is a powerful concentrate of active ingredients that guarantees deep hydration and protective nourishment of the epidermis.

Key benefits of Face Serum:

⦁ Illuminates and tones uneven skin

⦁ Moisturizes and nourishes

⦁ Relaxes the skin and prevents wrinkles

⦁ Make the skin appear less tired and dull

⦁ Minimizes pores, making skin appear smooth and supple

So many benefits in just a few drops!

Bakuchiol Botanicals has the perfect product for you! I’m talking about the Bakuchiol Serum, a unique product containing 5 active ingredients derived from plants. A natural product free from silicones, mineral oils, fragrance, sodium laurel sulfate, polyethylene glycol, phthalates and therefore suitable for most skin types!

Key benefits of Face Serum:

  1. Illuminates and tones uneven skin
  2. Moisturizes and nourishes
  3. Relaxes the skin and prevents wrinkles
  4. Make the skin appear less tired and dull
  5. Minimizes pores, making skin appear

How to Apply the Serum:

The serum should be applied morning and evening on a clean and dry face. The light and fluid texture will allow you an optimal and rapid application. Massage a small amount of product (only a few drops) all over the face, including the eye area, neck and décolleté. Wait a few minutes to give the active ingredients time to penetrate deeply. Then apply your face cream.

If facial serum is missing from your beauty routine, check out our fantastic Bakuchiol Botanicals Serum! You will no longer be able to do without it and your skin will become smooth, hydrated, and nourished to the touch and sight. Seeing is believing.

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